Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Professional development is the very foundation of the work PAC/LAC does within our communities. Recognizing that the single most important driver of overall organizational performance is strong leadership, PAC/LAC has focused on leadership and talent development for more than ten years working with perinatal nurse and healthcare leaders from over 70 hospitals and 5 healthcare systems throughout southern California. High turnover and shortages among leadership are not uncommon and PAC/LAC programs target developing leadership skills, personal appraisal, time management, effective communication, and stress reduction to increase retention and leadership quality. In order for patients and clients to receive the best possible care, health care leaders must possess the ability to demonstrate not only medical and/or technical excellence but also emotional intelligence, effective inter-personal communication, and the ability to orchestrate collaboration among multidisciplinary professionals, all while working within a complex bureaucratic environment. PAC/LAC has developed leadership programs that identify primary dependencies and deliverables and assess personal impact on staff and organizations. Additionally, PAC/LAC executive coaching services meet individual and organizational demands with a targeted yet flexible approach that unlocks leadership skills and enables leadership development through ongoing professional collaboration and guidance.

Team Development

In today’s 24/7 global economy, teamwork has become the heart of productivity, but up to 72% of team-based projects that fail, fail not due to the product or service, but due to a lack of team cohesion and collaboration. PAC/LAC addresses this need by providing team development training and workshops, which include team development and cohesion, conflict resolution, change management, mediation, leadership development, and goal setting. PAC/LAC addresses effective communication, leadership challenges, career direction, executive development, and stress management. PAC/LAC’s experiential team workshops provide professionals with the knowledge, skills, and flexibility needed to develop and adapt in a rapidly changing workplace.

PAC/LAC currently serves as an Oversight Entity for the Family Strengthening Network, coordinating professional development with 13 Welcome Baby Teams and three Home Visitation Programs delivered by 41 agencies across L.A. Country

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness means being present and aware. It is being able to bring openhearted awareness to whatever you are doing while you are doing it. It is being able to tune in to what is going on inside – mind and body, and outside – in the world, moment to moment. Studies indicate that mindfulness is a key trait in effective leadership, especially in authentic, transformational, charismatic and servant leadership styles. Staff want to follow mindful leaders and mindful leaders contribute not just to the organization they work for, but to the community at large. Mindfulness is also shown to be extremely effective in reducing stress. Hundreds of studies now show that staff who enjoy a strong sense of well-being also experience increased productivity and job satisfaction. To develop mindfulness, PAC/LAC provides experiential learning sessions, tools, techniques and practices that participants can use every day. The most direct and effective method to build mindfulness is through meditation and PAC/LAC offers guided meditation sessions on-site as well as online.

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