10 Steps 

Coronavirus and Pregnancy

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Statement on Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

ACOG COVID-19 Algorithm 

ACOG Joint Statement COVID-19 and Pregnant Women 

ACOG COVID-19 Summary of Key Updates

5 Things to Know About the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Pregnancy

CDC COVID-19 Considerations for Inpatient Obstetric Healthcare Settings 

CDC Data on COVID-19 During Pregnancy

CDC Resources

CMQCC/CPQCC: Preparing your Maternal and Neonatal Units to Respond to COVID-19: Practical Recommendations from a Frontline Hospital

CMQCC/CPQCC: Preparing your Maternal and Neonatal Units to Respond to COVID-19: Transitions of Care and Neonatal Nutrition 

County of Los Angeles Public Health Department Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19 and African American Communities 

March of Dimes Birth Plan Coronavirus Template

March of Dimes Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): What You Need to Know about It’s Impact on Moms and Babies

National Perinatal Association COVID-19 

World Health Organization Frequently Asked Questions: Breastfeeding and COVID-19 for Health Care Workers 

Doula Care

Benefits of Birth and Postpartum Doulas  

Human Trafficking 

Dignity Health Human Trafficking Response Program

Dignity Health Human Trafficking 101: Dispelling the Myths Education Module

Implicit Bias 

Senate Bill 464 California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act

Senate Bill 464 Frequently Asked Questions 

Mental Health

Assembly Bill 3032

Action Plan for Depression and Anxiety Around Pregnancy

CA-PAMR Pregnancy Associated Suicide 

PAC/LAC AB 3032 Free Continuing Education Webinar 

Talk About Depression and Anxiety

Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Promising Practices for Safe Sleep to Inform the Missouri Safe Sleep Strategic Plan 


California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Maternal Sepsis Toolkit 

Substance Exposure

Mother & Baby Substance Exposure Toolkit 

Substance Use and Pregnancy 

Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (aka NAS)

NOWS HealthyChildren

Health and Wellness for Teen Girls and Women With Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: Family Resource Brief

MCH Resource Guides for Professionals

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance Use During Preconception and Pregnancy: Professional Resource Brief

Depression During and After Pregnancy: Professional Resource Guide


Syphilis: A Call to Action Babies Born with Syphilis are at a 20 Year High Presentation 

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