Guidelines of Care

Guidelines of Care’s are currently being updated, coming soon 2024.

In 1985, PAC/LAC began setting the Guidelines of Care for neonatal, prenatal and intrapartum treatment by producing a thorough and easy-to-use “how to” guidebook to aid hospitals, offering newborn care services ,develop policies and procedures. The Guidelines of Care provides access to important guidelines outlining best practice standards to follow in the event of a crisis or medical event requiring a quick, immediate solution or answer on a moment’s notice. The Guidelines of Care are maintained to meet the needs of the doctors and nurses who care for critically ill babies and their mothers.

In 2014, PAC/LAC launched the Teen Pregnancy Guidelines of Care aimed to create a teen friendly environment for any professional providing care for a pregnant teen. The Teen Pregnancy Guidelines of Care includes information related to the clinical, mental health, legal, and social environment.


Neonatal Guidelines of Care

The flashdrive version of the Neonatal Guidelines of Care is an electronic resource easily adaptable for creating hospital polices and educating staff. View the Guidelines in one PDF file or as individual chapters. The flashdrive also includes a PDF file specific for your PDA for on-the-go use.
Published on June 1, 2013.
Table Of Contents

  • Unit 1: Antenatal Management
  • Unit 2: Delivery Room Management
  • Unit 3: Emergencies
  • Unit 4: Normal Nursery
  • Unit 5: Discharge
  • Unit 6: Respiratory
  • Unit 7: Metabolic Nutrition
  • Unit 8: Infections
  • Unit 9: Other Systems
  • Unit 10: Care Management
  • Unit 11: Comfort Care






Prenatal/Intrapartum Guidelines of Care

The Prenatal/Intrapartum Guidelines of Care have been authored, edited and reviewed by local physicians and nurses who are experts in the fields of Prenatal and Intrapartum Healthcare. These Guidelines create a platform for risk-appropriate care by recommending the triage of pregnant women and critically ill newborns via consultation, referral and transport to higher level of care providers and facilities when necessary as dictated by health care needs.
Published on June 1, 2015.
Table Of Contents

  • Unit 1. Prenatal Care & Management of Labor
  • Unit 2: Management of Maternal Conditions
  • Unit 3: Fetal Conditions & Complications of Pregnancy
  • Unit 4: Obstetrical Emergencies
  • Unit 5: Special Testing & Procedures
  • Unit 6: Postpartum Care





Teen Pregnancy Guidelines of Care

The Teen Pregnancy Guidelines of Care have been authored, edited and reviewed by local experts in the fields of public health, social work, and foster care. The Guidelines outline a strength-based approach for creating a teen-friendly environment when providing care for pregnant teens. Special considerations are included for populations at greater-risk of teen pregnancy with an emphasis on the clinical, mental health, legal, and social environment.
Published on April 1, 2014.
Table Of Contents

  • Intended Audience
  • How to Use the Guidelines of Care
  • Rationale
  • Communications
  • Teen Friendly Environment: Clinical, Social, Mental Health, and Legal
  • Postpartum
  • Clinical Visit Information