Regional Perinatal Programs of California

PAC/LAC is one of 14 Title V funded Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC) designed to assist the California State Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program in meeting statewide perinatal goals. As an RPPC, PAC/LAC promotes an integrated regional perinatal system promoting high quality, risk appropriate care for pregnant women and high risk infants, and promotes hospital-based, data-driven quality improvement projects. PAC/LAC provides the following services to the 70 hospitals in its RPPC region of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Southern Inland counties: conducts hospital surveys and perinatal assessments; organizes two annual Regional Quality Improvement activities; hosts an annual conference for health professionals; and assists hospitals with quality improvement activities, data collection protocols, and quality assurance policies and procedures. The Regional Quality Improvement (RQI) develops clinical quality improvement strategies based on current information derived from California Children’s Services (CCS) standards and MCAH data systems, including: California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC), Perinatal Profiles, Office of Vital Records (OVR), Perinatal Dispatch Center, Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), and Healthy People 2020 objectives. Read more about RPPC



Welcome Baby

The Welcome Baby Program provides pregnant women and new moms with information, support, and a trusted partner to help them through the journey of pregnancy and early parenthood. PAC/LAC provides technical assistance and leadership trainings to ensure the program is successfully implemented. This program is funded by First 5 LA, who, with Los Angeles Best Babies Network (LABBN), Maternal and Child Health Access (MCHA), and PAC/LAC, collaboratively act as the Family Strengthening Oversight Entity for the program.



Citrus Valley Health Partners Mentoring and Professional Development Program

Citrus Valley Health Partners Mentoring and Professional Development Program (MAP)

MAP is a 12-week program designed to create a welcoming, enriching and educational environment for new or recent RN graduates hired by CVHP. The program provides nurses with cultural competency tools, encourages and supports nurses in continuing their professional development, and provides resources that include in-class support groups, educational lectures on clinical and hospital-specific policies and procedures, and a senior mentor/educator to turn to with questions and for support. PAC/LAC acts as the evaluator for the program and utilizes various assessment tools to determine the effectiveness of the program in meeting its objectives.By collecting and analyzing the data, we are able to present CVHP executive staff with a comprehensive written report. We have also worked with CVHP in organizing and facilitating focus groups for recent MAP graduates. Through identifying the objectives of the focus group, questions are designed to extract meaningful feedback.


Best Start Communities – Building Stronger Families Framework

Funded by First 5 LA, the Building Stronger Families Framework (BSFF) recognizes that strong families and family supporting communities are essential to positive outcomes for young children.

The BSFF implementation plan emphasizes six family and community-level core results:

  1. Family capacities – knowledgeable, resilient and nurturing parents
  2. Social connections – families participating in positive social networks
  3. Concrete supports – access to services and supports that meet families’ needs
  4. Coordinated services and supports that meet families’ needs
  5. A common vision and collective will to strengthen families
  6. Social networks and safe spaces for recreation and interaction

BSFF South El Monte/El Monte (SELMEM)

The South El Monte/El Monte community is characterized by residents’ strong sense of pride and high level of connection to their fellow neighbors. In fact, many young adults who have moved from the area for employment or education opportunities elsewhere return to live and work in the community. The community leadership in South El Monte/El Monte is described as “homegrown, emerging, connected to education and connected to residents.” The SELMEM community’s devoted leadership and tight-knit community are an ideal combination that can encourage the collaboration that transforms communities into places where young children can thrive.

PAC/LAC is a partner agency in the SELMEM collaborative, sharing oversight of the community partnership and providing training directly to residents including leadership development and self-care strategies to empower residents to reach their objectives and strengthen their community.


BSFF Wilmington

Collaboratives in the Wilmington community have evolved from focusing on primarily mental health-oriented services within the elementary schools to an increased variety and number of existing and active partnerships. The Service Planning Area (SPA) 8 collaborative now includes local cities, school districts, community- and faith-based organizations, as well as the local oil refineries. Additional partnerships were developed to engage other sectors including local law enforcement and the City of Los Angeles. The Wilmington community is also home to several programs that help to prepare younger generations of leaders, including high school programs and youth coalitions.

PAC/LAC is a partner agency in the Wilmington collaborative, providing leadership training focused on personal responsibility, change management and other tools needed to enhance residents’ ability to lead their community growth and ensure a healthy environment for families.